This is a list of things I've done, projects and achievements, which I'd like to put on my CV, but are either too small or don't fit.

DIY CO2 Sensor

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQ135

I built a CO2 sensor.

It works... sort of.

I didn't write the code,

I found some from GitHub

and changed a few values.

Home Hydroponics

Fresh herbs

My plan is to hook up a

moisture sensor and a

Raspberry Pi to my hydroponic setup which then texts

me when it needs more water.



Three Peaks

Snowdon, Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis.

When I climbed Ben Nevis with my

friend Tom (and the ex-military Scotts

we followed to on the way up) it was

winter, and there was no trail to


The day after we climbed it two hikers

died in an avalanche on the mountain.

We didn't have a compass, a map, or a clue.


It was without a doubt the most idiotic

thing I have ever done.

My next mountain will hopefully be Canigou.

ben nevis 1.png
ben nevis 6.png
Ben nevis 3.png

I made a doughnut.


3D Modelling


I made a log in window

and a timesheet system.

A user inputs activities and

score those activities out of ten. Then completes their timesheet with activities.

This writes (and reads) to a csv file.

The result is an overall score for the day.


PyCharm & PyQT5


I made a .exe that logs a users activity at a given time.

It uses the system time, and appends it with the users activity.

It then writes this to a csv file.


Visual Studio


I worked a summer for my uncle on the restoration of a 16th-century garden house, and a few other projects.

I can knock down walls (slowly) and

know vaguely how to help put them back up.

I can use powertools, set up scaffolding, and help lift heavy things.

Given enough time (and coffee) I can mix enough gear to fill a swimming pool.

Stone Mason's Labourer


WhatsApp Image 2020-12-05 at 11.21.39 AM

I helped assemble a sculpture by artist Gary Hume.

I also made a film about it, with an interview with Gary, which you can see part of in my showreel.


Gary Hume


I have spent years getting Windows to look and act how I want it to. I'm still not there yet, but I'm pretty happy with what I have got.

This setup uses many third party applications, key ones:

  • Rainmeter

  • Wallpaper Engine

  • Groupy

  • Push2Run

  • AutoHotkeys

  • Elgato StreamDeck

  • f.lux

  • Dropbox

My 'Control Panel'

Windows 10 Customisation


When you click on the VaultBoy he breakdances and plays this song playlist.

I made several of these musical GIFs, and learnt a few bits and pieces about Lua.

I also got a little into Lua bangs.

I did not write the original code or make the GIF. I just edited somebody's existing code, I think from DeviantArt.


My Rainmeter Skins


This is my custom, offline & portable Netflix alternative. It's all on an external harddrive. I can take it anywhere.

I did not write any of the code, but put in the 12 or so hours to fully implement it. It is made using the amazing GameHub2.

My Netflix Alternative

Portable & Offline

Using IFTTT I made a custom command for my Smart Home setup.

When I finish work at the end of the day I say 'Hey Google, Shutdown.'

This turns off all of the lights and sockets in my office and creates a .txt file in my linked Dropbox account.

My PC, also linked to Dropbox, watches my Dropbox folder using a service called Push2Run.

When my computer see's the .txt file it deletes it, then shuts down.

It saves me about 20seconds every night, and it took me about 5 hours to get working.


After using it for 900 days it will save me around 2 hours a year.

IFTTT - Smart Devices

Turning off PC with Google Home


Me and a friend bought 50 bricks, some coal and some steel rebar.

We arranged the bricks in a 6 brick high circle with one of the bottom bricks removed. I 'borrowed' my girlfriends hairdryer (collateral damage). We bought a sledgehammer and a regular hammer, and used the side of the sledgehammer as an anvil.

We stuck the steel rebar in the fire until it went red, one of us stood on the sledgehammers handle, and the other smashed the red-hot steel until it was knife shaped. Standing on the handle was a pretty raw job, so we held onto the clothes line above for extra support. We then spent the next 2 days making a handle out of old seasoned pine wood, and hand grinded the knives into shape. Full tang.

Our garden forge solution was not glamorous, but our thinking was that if ancient humans could forge metal in 5000BC then I'm sure we could figure it out.

Steel Forging

DIY Blacksmith Forge


I did burpees every day for the month of July, 2020.

I did 100 a day, then at the end of each week I did an extra 200, 300, 400 and finished the challenge on July 31st by doing 500 burpees. Burpees are hard. You cannot cheat the burpee.

Here is a link to the challenge from IronWolf.

Fitness Challenge

IronWolf Burpee Challenge

I took a heightmap of Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings, and recreated a 3D environment with it inside Unreal Engine 4.

I have created heightmaps using World Creator previously, but this was the first time working with one so large.

My plan is to try and implement some sort of VR functionality, so that a user could really 'visit' Middle Earth.

This is basically something fun to do while I learn how to use geospatial data in Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine 4

Heightmaps, Middle Earth


This is a scene from a videogame I am making.

The soldiers patrol to the church on the hill.

The Tower Ships go wherever they like.

When the ships see the player their lights go red. If they catch you it's game over.

Unreal Engine 4

Environments & A.I